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Baby Elmo Costume

Baby Elmo Costume

If you are here, then there’s a good chance that you are considering an Elmo costume for you child. Well, here you will find what it’s all about, what sets is apart from the rest and why it is a great choice this Halloween.

1.- The Elmo costume is an extremely practical costume. Typically it will come in one piece.  It will be a zip up costume which includes a hood.  It is one color and there are no separate tops and bottoms to deal with. As an added bonus, the child will feel warm during Halloween night within an Elmo costume due to all the fuzz.

2.- No need for guessing.  Your child will be recognized from a block away.  Elmo may be one of the if not the most recognizable muppets on Sesame Street amongs young children. So nobody will even wonder what your child is suppose to be.

Adult Elmo Costume

Adult Elmo Costume

3.- Elmo is a fun character, he is bubbly and full of positive energy.  He is very playful which makes it a great match for your toddler to wear.  They can be themselves and since all toddlers already have these characteristics, they won’t even need to practice their character.

4.- You will give your family many options for a theme if you choose this costume for your toddler or baby. Sesame Street has so many characters that the rest of the family can join Elmo dressing up as other muppets or characters, like Big bird, cookie monster and others.  Or the rest of the family can become people within Elmo’s family.  Like his father Louie, sister Daisy or Mr Noodle.  If none of these work, then you can always dress up as any other character outside of Sesame street like Barney or a dinosaur.

5.-  Last, but not least and maybe the most important part is that Elmo is a toddler hiself.  He is suppose to be only 3-1/2 years hold.  In the case of other muppets on Sesame Street, they are older children or even adults. That’s the reason why Elmo sometimes doesn’t complete

Kid Elmo Costume

Kid Elmo Costume

a sentence and refers to himself as a third person. If your child dresses up in an Elmo costume, instead of the Cookie Monster or Grover means that he/she is only emulating or copying someone within his/her own peer group.

Make sure that this next Halloween is a memorable one for you and you little one, since it only comes once a year.  Keep in mind that within a few halloweens, your son or daughter will be choosing their own costume and chances are that their choices will be much less adorable than this lovable character

Check out this funny little Elmo Laughing Video!

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year for our children.  Kids love to dress up into their favorite character.  Allow your child to become creative and you will see him/her glow within his friend that he/she chose his/her costume.

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